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DSSA Recap + September

Did you miss the DSSA Laser event this last weekend? Don’t. Ever. Again.

Sailors were greeted with fantastic breeze and waves, with surprisingly warm lake temps on Saturday morning. Banding together, the boats were moved to the beech to take advantage of the action. Gear was loaned out and people made sure that everyone had a safe exit from the launch. Three races took place before the race committee had had enough of the lake. Props to Bruce for giving us a lesson in big wave upwind sailing technique and Jake for showing what a tough attitude can let you experience!

After the races concluded, most of the fleet continued to play in the waves with a sail out around an anchored ore boat and then down to downtown Duluth. Once again Mike and Kurt were the last to the dock. Definitely pays out to get that practice in! After observing the landings from Matt C and Martin, I’m proud to say I certainly didn’t win any style points with my wavy landing!

Evening brought us back to the Duluth Club Boat property, where the camping and cooking took place. Awesome to keep the group together for the evenings! More group interaction with less planning.

Day two brought bigger breeze initially, and racing was moved inside of park point. Racers experienced big flat water breeze to shifty and puffy barely hiking tactical action. Big courses and six races really took it out of the fleet but quality racing and fun was certainly the name of the game. Excellent timing allowed for a freighter to pass through the course. Certainly not a normal Midwest sight in MN! Battles for each place kept the racing close.

Thanks to John and Son, Gretchen, Mike Meyers, the Bonsager family, Allison Prange, Kurt Taken-Holtze, Ryan Drake (+ motorhome pit-crew), and everyone else who made this event possible with your contributions! You all had your piece, I should just thank all of D21 and DSSA next year.

Scores can be found here!

Looking forward to September. A few very fun in district events left, with some solid D20 travel opportunities. Mark your calendars for the NUMB event and the annual Turkey Sail. Local MPLS metro racing continues on into the next month, get it while you can! The season is creeping closed on us. Don’t regret it.


  • Find out more about recent developments regarding the Laser and Kirby Torch: http://www.kirbytorch.com
  • Hall of Fame Coming Soon - We will feature our most special sailors here.


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