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Tuesday Night Racing at WYC

Just a reminder we’ve switched to Tuesday nights for laser sailing at WYC. Be there for 6:30 start time.


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  • Group wall post by David Churches July 27, 2017
    David Churches wrote on District 21 Laser Fleet's wall: Who do you recommend for sail repair? (1 comment)
  • Photo: Photos from Bob Leach's post July 21, 2017
    Bob Leach posted a photo on District 21 Laser Fleet's wall: Full Rig Laser $850 1986 Full Rig Laser for Sale $850 - Single owner, in storage since 2003 - Hull, spars, centerboard, rudder, rigging in good condition - Full rig top section, 4 sails included Leave message here and I'll contact you Bob L. (1 like, 1 comment)
  • Group wall post by Matthew Thompson July 17, 2017
    Matthew Thompson wrote on District 21 Laser Fleet's wall: Don't let the forecast scare you off! Tuesday could be great, storms seem to be trending to the afternoon now rather than evening. Despite the weather, would love for folks to show up even if it is rough. I think we should head to a Wayzata restaurant for a social hour & dinner if we can […]
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  • Group wall post by David Churches July 10, 2017
    David Churches wrote on District 21 Laser Fleet's wall: I am looking for some advice. I'm trying to buy a Laser dolly and want it asap. Here's what I know: * The Seitech dolly does not seem to be available anywhere. Otherwise it would be my first choice. * All dollys at APS show a 3 week wait * The Dynamic will ship immediately via Amazon. Mos […]

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